Our big ambition

Become one of the world’s
largest companies for
truly sustainable food production

A presentation at A-Match, May 2023 (Swedish)

The problem

Our food production system is broken. Agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss. Overfishing is a severe problem and almost all fish stocks are depleted. Agricultural runoff is a major contributor to dead zones in the ocean, which have quadrupled since the 1950s. 45% of fruit and vegetables in Europe are thrown away before they are consumed. Long and fragile supply chains cause food shortages. The list goes on.

On top of this, a changing climate, causing extreme weather events with both water shortages and floodings, increasing conflicts and high energy prices, all affecting the food supply chain, are further worsening the situation.

The Solution

Produce food in local closed circular systems.

At Johannas we design, build and help operate closed circular food production systems. Using closed loop ecosystems, using natural processes, we have a system where everything that leaves our production facilities is a product, not pollution.

Johannas is the future of food production

Johannas production methods produce no food waste, recirculates 99.95% of the water used, uses no pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones, and can even be regenerative for the regional ecosystems. On top of that, the resulting food products are so good that they are called “the best I have ever seen” by Niklas Ekholm, World Champion, Global chefs challenge.

At Johannas we have spent the last five years designing, building, iterating and testing our system, which now produces premium quality vegetables and fish with high yield. Our patent pending nutrient recovery systems will allow us to become best-in-class in nutrient recovery and water conservation.  


  • Turn-key , scalable, replicable food facilities
  • Own production, franchise & tech licensing
  • Patents pending on key technologies

Our management team

Beyond our management team we have a competent and experienced team with backgrounds in fish farming, agriculture, horticulture, sales and marketing, finance, law, engineering, software and hardware development as well as food production and distribution.

Thomas Bjelkeman

Thirty years experience as an entrepreneur.

Tomas Strandberg

Marketing & sales
Thirteen years managing food companies and long experience in sales.

Anke Johanna
van Lenteren

Thirty years experience as an entrepreneur, designer and grower, with training from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Mikael Sellerstrand

Company CEO and engineer with many years experience in leading engineering teams.

Pontus Gustafsson

Over a decade of experience in financial advice, investing and entrepreneurship.

William Hamilton

Board member
25 years at a bank, farm manager, LLM.

Contact us if you would like to help us scale up internationally, with truly sustainable food production.

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