Photo: ESA

Food production and our planet

Our food production has a very large environmental impact

70 to 80% of Sweden’s vegetable and fish consumption comes from imports. Fresh vegetables often travel all the way from the Netherlands, Spain or Italy. Our fish comes mainly from Norway where it’s produced in open net pens in the Norwegian fjords.

Fish from the ocean comes from stocks that to a very high degree (93%) is at or over production capacity. If we want to eat more fish than today, that fish will have to be farmed.

Almost half (46%) of Europe's production and import of fruit and vegetables is thrown away instead of being eaten. In general around 30% of all food production is wasted.

Our oceans suffer from eutrophication - excess nutrients - which mainly originates from agriculture but also in part from fish farming. 97% of the Baltic sea suffers from eutrophication which in turn causes algae blooming and a dead ocean floor.