Vegetables and fish

Cultivation system

We produce premium quality vegetables that we deliver to top notch restaurants in the greater Stockholm area. We also produce fish, but the volume in the pilot facility is too small at this point to deliver to customers. If you are interested in a visit to our pilot facility or if you want to learn more about our products, please contact us.

We design and build what may be the world’s most advanced regional circular food production system. If you are interested in building, running or invest in such systems, contact us for a visit to our pilot facility.

Leafy greens that we produce

Our current focus is on leafy greens such as salads, herbs, kale etc. Below is a small selection of what we can produce.

Pak choi
Land cress
Mustard, Barbarossa
Salad, Kiribati
Salad, Red Salad Bowl
Salad, Xandra
Salad, Crystal Lalique
Black kale
Shiso, green
Edible flowers